Cutlery Roll Entertaining Ideas

The 2020 Holiday season was a quiet affair - lacking most of the traditional hallmarks of the busiest time for entertainment and dining. Thankfully, after a year of smiling through masks and sanitizing everything in sight, a sense of normalcy has returned to the world and we have a lot of time to make up for!
No matter what your plans are for the festive season, we are here to help set the mood with some fun ideas on how you can use our Spaza products to make an easy, modern table setting. And what better way to plan for the perfect party than with some table dressing inspiration using our versatile cutlery rolls? 
Handmade using 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, our cutlery rolls go far beyond road trips and office lunches. When it comes to dining, they can be used to not only arrange cutlery on a table but also add a pop of colour to minimalist table decor, such as this casual lunch setting. 
Pair your cutlery rolls with earthy tones to bring warmth to a classic country theme while adding a personal touch to each placement. 
And the fun doesn't just stop at the table...
Transport all your favourite food and snacks in our beautiful food wraps and have a stunning and stylish picnic party! Paired together, cutlery rolls and food wraps offer an eco-friendly way to bundle food for on the go will ensure that all your goodies are kept clean while also keeping your gathering plastic-free. And the best part? They don't take up any space once you've eaten their contents!

Nothing is worse than mismatched cutlery! Use your cutlery rolls to keep individually wrapped sets safe and make them easily accessible in a handy caddy for whenever they're needed. 

Served buffet style on a cutting board or large plate, cutlery rolls can add a beautiful touch to any setting. Just plate up and grab a seat where you can!
Whatever the occasion, our cutlery rolls are the perfect addition to any gathering. Not only are they a gorgeous compliment to any table, they also offer a practical, yet stylish, solution to single-use plastic.