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The Spaza Guide to a Green Cleaning Routine

After a year of acclimatising to the "new normal", it's safe to say that your home probably needs a little TLC. And with Christmas fast approaching, now is a better time than ever to clean up and start the new year on a squeaky clean foot.  Before you get all your cleaning supplies out and start wiping down every surface in sight though, it might be worth considering your cleaning routine and looking at ways you could make better choices regarding the health of not only your household, but the environment as well.   From eco-friendly swaps to DIY solutions, we’re here to help you on your way to green cleaning success. Let’s get into it… Ditch the disposables Did you...

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Do Spaza Dish Covers Keep Food Fresh?

The question that I get most about our dish covers is, do they keep your food fresh like plastic? As mother nature would have it, fresh is related to time. The theory that plastic can 'lock-in freshness' was discovered around an advertising agency's boardroom table and not in a science lab.  Let's take a carrot for instance. The carrot is fresh when it is pulled from the earth. From that moment on, it becomes less fresh.  A breathable cover, such as a Spaza Dish Cover is advantageous because it allows for evaporation and evaporation aids in cooling. You may have a vague memory of this from a science test moons ago. The process of evaporation requires heat energy and the heat energy is lifted away...

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